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  The days of the week in German  


The days of the week in German:

SaturdaySamstag (Sa)
SundaySonntag (So)
MondayMontag (Mo)
TuesdayDienstag (Di)
WednesdayMittwoch (Mi)
ThursdayDonnerstag (Do)
FridayFreitag (Fr)

If you want to refer to a given day, use "an" with the definite article (dative) glued together ("am"): Am Samstag gehe ich ins Kino - On saturday I go to the cinema.

If you want to refer to a recurring day, use either a "s" at the end or put "jeden" at the beginning: Samstags gehen wir schwimmen - On sundays we go swimming.


Wochentagsberechnung (auf Deutsch)Calcula el día de la semana (en Español)Calcul du jour de la semaine (en Français)

Here you will find information about calculating the day of the week for a date that you have chosen. The day of the week is based on the current calendar. (/).

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